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Any tips for playing Wheel of Fortune slot machine?

I heard a lot of good things about the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I’ll be going to a casino soon, any suggestions?

Question posted by: Renee

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4 Responses to “Any tips for playing Wheel of Fortune?”

  1. Maggs Says:

    Play max coins. You can’t win the progressive jackpot unless you have max coins bet. It’s all luck after that.

  2. Vegas Matt Says:

    Wheel of Fortune is kind of fun, but progressives tend to have bad payback percentages. The only advice anyone can give you is to play max coins to make sure you get the jackpot if you happen to hit it, and make sure you use a player’s card to ensure you get comped for your play.

  3. Wise4MyAge Says:

    Yes, always play the max bets. If you can afford it, play the $1 slots instead of the quarter ones. When you do hit the “Wheel—of—Fortune” and push the spin button, expect the needle to always end up on the cheap ass 30-50 slots… I’ve only got the 1000 one once out of maybe 5000 spin attempts over my lifetime of gambling.

  4. BRUCE C Says:

    contact the gaming commission for payback %s in the state you are going to be . play max bet,keep in mind top award odds are 144,000,000 to 1.don’t walk in expecting to win just enjoy . most important set a loss limit and stick to it.

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