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where can i find an image of the wheel of fortune wheel?

i ‘m. seeking a wheel wheel of fortune used as cover for the album

Posted by: d_smoove19

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5 Responses to “Where can i find an image of the wheel of fortune wheel?”

  1. g0oxcraziee Says:

    yahoo or google images

  2. norma Says:

    I have been watching the Wheel for years and I am getting very put out that Pat thinks he has to say, “Watch your step” when there if none and also tells them to stand on “that spot” The guest knows what to do and it seems so silly, kind of downgrading.

  3. dansalceda Says:

    I am a vet and I applaud Military spouses week……but to have tonoght where there was a general and two other officers when there are lower ranking enlisted men who need the money much more…. by the way I was an Infantry combat officer (Cpt.). I like the little guy.

  4. Augustina Says:

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  5. tippy Says:

    It’s time you changed the name of the show to “Pat Sajaks Comedy Show”. He treats the contestants as tho they can’t think without his control. “Take my hand. Follow me”. And why does he have to hold the female contestants hand and not the male? Another thing…what does he say to the contestants when he bend over to whisper something to them just before the first regular puzzle. I think it’s time to retire Pat Sajak!!!

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